March 27, 2007


Here are two tracks I did today using a buncha graintable synths( + redrum). Sines, squares, and saws, oh my!

Grains one

Grains two

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March 19, 2007

Keyline Fashions Blue Corn Chips

Download "key.mp3"

What follows is a fragmented attempt at recording the events of a dream I experienced on May 15, 2005.

walking along a chain link fence in the city

you find the building

you go up the stairs

you make amazing proposals to the man that you know of but for some reason know these people have never heard of

peanut butter cookies that look like regular cookies but you bite into and are filled with peanut butter

blue corn chips

he had a strange calender looking thing. each 4 squares had cut outs on them

he put one on the next vacant four squares and said he had some bad news

you said something like "the stock market crashed" or "the business is going down"

you shook his hand and left

you kept popping back in with another idea

he was with another person like you

you finally left for good

you leave the building and you are lost in a city


after much wandering around even though you know for some reason you can't use your cell phone but open it anyway to try and call for help to get home

you have 10 voicemails that you are unable to retreive

you start asking people where you are

running around the city lost

follow the fence

see a familiar face who doesn't know you

start asking people when it is


wow its 1947

then you notice man with cell phone

it can't be 1947

you ask him what year it is


you ask someone else. you ask everyone you see

everyone won't talk to you

everyone runs inside a building

you try to follow people

the door to a glass shop is wide open (contains walls of shelves with glass cups lining them)

you know something is going to happen, and being by all that glass looks dangerous
you struggle to get into other buildings instead

the doors all close in front of you

you go into the glass shop and wrap yourself in a trench coat you find on the ground

you hear a loud sound

you are in a small one room ship with the other person that was huddled in the glass shop and one other person

you look out the window and you see all of the other buildings have become ships

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March 2, 2007


This is the track that makes me panic that I need a beefier audio system when my computer wigs out with too many tracks and real time effects...but then realize I can "freeze" tracks and the day is saved, for now. So it's called "frost".


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March 1, 2007


As photons leave the sphere
and the most vile creatures enter here
your only hope for solace
is to turn your eyes to glow


I don't know.

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